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Water Damage Restoration Tips

Residential Property Restoration

Water damage is more than just an annoying problem. It could be devastating to your home, possessions, and health in as little as 48 hours. If left untreated, a minor plumbing leak could escalate into a full-blown black mold infestation. We here at Restoration 1 hope to help homeowners prevent such a terrible situation.

We’ve compiled expert water damage tips to help you stave off mold and better protect your home while you await our technicians. When you call for water damage restoration, we send our IICRC-certified specialists within the hour. You never have to wait long!

Water Damage Tips

For the most part, you’ll want to wait for trained professionals to deal with water damage. In the meantime, there are some minor tasks you can handle while you wait.

  • Do your best to clean up excess water from the room by mopping or blotting with old towels.
  • If the water damage stems from a sewage backup, evacuate the area and do not attempt DIY water removal.
  • Wipe away excess water or moisture from wood furniture and remove lamps and tabletop items quickly.
  • Remove and put up wet upholstery and cushions to dry.
  • Place bits of aluminum foil or wood blocks underneath furniture legs and wet carpeting to prevent stains.
  • Turn up the air conditioning to promote the drying process.
  • Remove colored rugs or padding.
  • Gather loose objects or items off the floor.

What Not to Do

  • Do not leave any wet fabrics where they lie.
  • Do not leave wet books, magazines, or colored objects on wet carpet or flooring.
  • Don’t use a vacuum to suck up excess water.
  • Do not turn on the television, lamps, or any household appliances.
  • Do not turn on overhead fans if the ceiling is wet and steer clear of rooms where the ceiling sags.

For 24-hour water restoration and cleanup, call your local Restoration 1 immediately. We’ll send our best within an hour of your call!

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