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Sewer/Water Backup Insurance

Sewer/Water Backup Insurance, do you have it?

Standard homeowner’s insurance policies do not include Sewer/Water Backup Insurance

sewer backup in basement

Do you have a sewer backup rider included with your homeowner’s insurance policy in Long Island?

Do you realize that even if you have flood insurance, it doesn’t automatically cover sewer backup? National Flood insurance policies will only cover losses directly caused by flooding. Damage that is caused as a result of a sewer backup is covered only if the backup is a direct result of flooding. Meaning, the flood caused the sewer backup. If flooding was not the cause of the sewer backup then the damage is not covered. This is why you need a sewer backup rider on your policy.

Many regions across the country experience some kind of flood or sewer backup disaster. While flooding is sometimes more devastating due to the overall destruction, sewer backups can cause damage that is costly and difficult to repair but also create serious health hazards.

A Sewer backup insurance rider is generally inexpensive. Especially when compared to the potential cost of losses from a sewer backup!

General homeowner’s or renter’s insurance policies don’t include sewer backup insurance.  If you have valuables in your basement and they are at risk of being damaged you should have a sewer backup rider. A sewer backup rider costs between $40.00 – $150.00 a year. The price depends on the dollar amount of coverage and deductible you choose.

A homeowner is responsible for the sewer laterals (sewer lines) that travel from your home and go to the street where they hook up with the municipal waste system. Cracked laterals or tree root damage, causing water to seep in and eventually back up into your basement or crawlspace are two of the most common reasons a sewer backup will occur.

What does Sewer Backup Insurance cover?

Sewer backup insurance generally covers incidents such as sump pump overflow, discharge from sewer lines, storm drains, or septic tanks, and the cost of cleaning or replacing walls, flooring, furniture, and appliances. When figuring out what coverage you need, remember to factor in the cost of replacing your furnace and other appliances.

Add Sewer Backup insurance for peace of mind if you endure a water disaster!

Don’t delay in adding this important rider to your insurance policy. It could save you thousands in repairs and replacements. As a renter, do not depend on the homeowner to supply sewer backup insurance, be safe and purchase your own.

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