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Important Tips For Keeping Your Office Safe & Sanitized

During a time when an infectious disease is spreading so easily, it is important to take the right precautions to keep your office as clean as possible. As an employer, it is crucial to take the correct steps to keep your employees safe.  As workers are beginning to return to their office places, we find it important to share some tips on how to keep your office safe and sanitized. These simple steps can help give your team some peace of mind and also keep them healthy.

Tips To Keep Your Office Safe and Sanitized

  • Change Up Your Workplace & Promote Healthy Habits – It is very important to promote good hygiene in your office. As reminders to your team, put up some signs, send out emails, and promote and share good hygiene practices wherever and whenever you can! Also, consider changing the furniture in your office to materials that are easy to clean and do not easily trap dirt.
  • Limit the Surfaces Your Employees Are Touching – There are many ways to make some everyday actions hands-free. Add swing doors and motion-sensor lights to help limit the number of shared surfaces your team is touching. Most importantly, try adding motion sensors in your bathrooms for flushing and sinks!
  • Make Sanitizer Easily Accessible & Keep Things Clean – Make sure to put hand sanitizer in all shared spaces including conference rooms and reception areas. Also, give all of your employees disinfecting wipes. In addition, send out daily reminders to your team to wipe down their workspace each day. This includes their desk, keyboards, mouses and other devices.
  • Daily Deep Cleaning – Have your office cleaning staff do a deep cleaning of your office on a daily basis. Clean all surfaces, furniture, doorknobs, and shared appliances like copy machines and refrigerators.
  • Bring In A Professional Disinfection Company – Restoration 1 specializes in virus disinfection and sanitization. We use the most up-to-date technology and use CDC and EPA-approved cleaning agents. Furthermore, our team is trained and equipped with safety equipment to reduce the risk of contamination or illness from any biohazard materials.

Call The Experts

Restoration 1 is here to help you keep your office, your employees, and your customers safe and healthy. Whether your office has been infected by the virus or you are just taking precautionary measures, our certified team is available 24/7 to get the job done. It is better to be safe than sorry. We apply these CDC and EPA-approved cleaning agents to all of your surfaces. Contact Restoration 1 today to keep your office safe and sanitized with our Virus Disinfection and Sanitation Services!

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