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Air Duct Cleaning & Maintenance Service

Air Duct Cleaning & Maintenance Service, do you need it?

Mold growth can occur inside the HVAC’s air ducts due to condensation if the ductwork isn’t properly insulated, so you may require Air Duct Cleaning & Maintenance Service.

Air Duct Cleaning & Maintenance Service

Should you have your air ducts cleaned on Long Island?

You can have improved indoor air quality and airflow if you have your HVAC air ducts cleaned in your home. It can also reduce your utility bill and increase energy efficiency. When you have your HVAC system cleaned, it includes the removal of dust buildup, contaminants, allergens, and mold growth.

Air duct cleaning means cleaning out the forced air components in your HVAC system. This process gets rid of dust or mold buildup and even rodent droppings as well as improves the airflow and air quality. The EPA recommends cleaning as needed.

Mold growth can occur inside the HVAC’s air ducts due to condensation if the ductwork isn’t properly insulated. Mold can also occur if your HVAC systems filters are dirty, preventing them from removing mold spores. If mold growth is visible, it should be removed by a professional. Professionals will have the proper equipment and clothing to remove the mold safely.

Rodent infestations can be a problem in HVAC systems when they leave feces and urine deposits that can cause a health risk with exposure. Exposure to rodent saliva, urine, and feces can cause asthma attacks and allergies. A professional will clean your ductwork and also look for the point of rodent entry and try to stop the problem.

Dust is similar to mold spores and is also supposed to be captured by the HVAC systems filters. When the filters are dirty and clogged, the dust and allergens don’t get filtered out and end up in your ductwork. This is how it then enters your home.

Cleaning your HVAC system may improve your indoor air quality and actually increase the efficiency of your home’s energy usage. You should clean your air ducts every 3-5 years.

HVAC systems work by moving air over hot or cold coils before it blows into your home. If dust gathers on these coils, it will not only blow into your home, but it decreases your energy efficiency by requiring about 37% more energy to heat or cool your home.

Call the Experts at Restoration 1 for Air Duct Cleaning Services

Keeping the air duct system clean means better efficiency and a longer life span for your HVAC system. Routine cleaning reduces the stress on your system and you will save money as the system runs smoother. If you are in need of Professional Air Duct Cleaning Services, call Restoration 1 of Long Island today!

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